Tuesday, June 21, 2016

5/11/16 - Middle Teton/East and West Hourglass

 Lars and I headed to the Tetons for a little low key leisure skiing.  We planned on skiing several lines off the Middle Teton but after skiing the Glacier Route, the sun mixed with new snow forced us off a little early.  We settled for the aesthetic East and West Hourglass on Nez Perce.  A few photos...
Two fellow skiers ascending
Lars summiting the Middle
The Grand from Nez Perce
Lars in the West Hourglass

Lars in the East Hourglass

May California photos

Mojave Desert 

Julia Pfeiffer State Park

Death Valley

May skiing in the Wasatch

Wolverine Cirque

East Face SLC Twins
West Slabs to Apollo Loop

4/18/16 - Mt Owen

Andy and I both had a few days free and headed to the Tetons with hopes of skiing off several of the bigger peaks.  Typically the psych is hard to contain but this trip was different.  For whatever reason we both weren't feeling it.  The whole way up we just kept talking about how we shouldn't have left SLC.  I just kept thinking about death.  Either me dying, Andy dying, both of us dying, or Amanda dying.  Normally we're pretty light hearted and make fun of each other and everyone we know but that day was different.  I thought my feelings would change the higher we got and I guess once the climbing was a little more engaging I stopped focusing on my desire to be home but overall desire to get the hell out of there lingered.  After skiing back off the East snowfields on Owen we decided to head back home to our families.  That was the only decision of the day we both felt good about.  
Glacier Gultch
The lower Koven
Turning the corner after the East Snowfield, nearing the summit
We've been here in the summer and were worried the climbing would be a little tricky in ski boots.  Luckily there was enough snow and the rock was featured enough to make it very straight forward.

Andy entering the final chimney
From the summit looking down on Andy bely perch

Rapping towards the skiing
We found pretty good snow in the chimney above the Koven but not so much in the Couloir
Waiting for the Koven to soften
Andy about to lose a ski
Luckily it stuck the landing a couple hundred feet below.  Also lucky that Andy stuck his landing before falling the couple hundred feet. 

Friday, June 3, 2016

April in the Wasatch

A few April pics...
Tom and Lars on White Baldy
The White Baldy Ramp

Lars on SLC Twins

Unnamed skier done with the season

4/2/16 - Mts. Darwin and Lamarck

Typing this almost over 2 months later it's hard to remember details.  We wanted to ski the Mendel Couloir on Mt Mendel but once we got a look it was clearly not filled in.  We opted for the obvious line off Darwin and then the super classic North Couloir off of Mt Lamarck.
Andy summiting Darwin

Dry snow high on Darwin
Exiting North Lamark