Thursday, June 11, 2015


Sometimes you just need to ski.  Andy, Noah, and I felt that way this afternoon so we headed up to Superior with hopes of skiing Suicide and then running the S. Ridge.  We made it to the top when the rain and thunder caught us.  No S. Ridge but it was still a damn fine outing.    

Friday, June 5, 2015

Spring Scrambling - A few photos

I haven't done any sort of climbing/scrambling all year so earlier in the week when Chad suggested we head up to Superior and give the South Ridge a go I had to say yes.  I'm glad he dragged me up there.  Although this is "just" a scramble, I remembered why I loved climbing so much.  Maybe running will take a backseat this summer...
Chad low on the South Ridge of Superior
"The Goods" - Chris Cawley
Kind of psyched to keep moving on rock instead of running on dirt, I decided to revist the West Slabs.  Lars and Tom had Wednesday off and we ended up deciding in the Olympus loop.  Lars isn't supposed to be running due to some recurrent tendonitis in his ankle but we figured a scramble would be OK.  Right?
Lars "rehabing" his ankle
Tom and Lars posing for me
This little guy made Tom squeal
Top of the Slabs
After those couple outings I figured I'd keep the scrambling theme alive with another day on Olympus.  About a month ago Chad linked the West Slabs with Geurts.  Shortly after, Spencer Weiler added Kamp's to the linkup.  With this in mind we figured we'd head up the West Slabs and see where we ended up.
Chad was too fast up the Slabs so the only picture I could get is him showing me how to get to the base of Geurt's direct 
We traversed into Tolcat Canyon over and started below the arrow
Chad coming out of Tolcat

The Catwalk
Just after the 2nd rappel.  This ceratinly doesn't require a rappel and is easily avoided by following the obvious path to the south of the bolts.  The 1st rap is a little trickier.  Chad bypassed it to the north, I bypassed it to the south.  I'm pretty sure going south is easier. 
Cold rain and slick rock kept any other plans from materializing.  

Friday, May 29, 2015

Grandeur Wildflowers

I went up the West side of Grandeur with Noah a few days ago and saw more wildflowers then ever.  Yesterday I went back with a camera, the May rains have been good!  Here are far to many flower photos...

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

The White Rim Trail - Canyonlands

I've never really loved riding a bike.  In fact, the few rides I've done this year have been mediocre at best.  With this bad of attitude I decided to join Andy, Tom, and Jason Prigge on the White Rim Trail in Canyonlands.  I had heard it was a classic ride but all I could picture in my mind was a white, dusty road full of vans providing support for over weight cyclists.  

I was wrong. Turns out riding a bike is fun and the White Rim Trail is as classic as everyone says.  It has poured the night before and the dirt road was perfect.  Add beautiful 65 degree temps and the day was magical.  We road fast which felt slightly uncomfortable but stopped frequently enough to allow my weak legs to recover.  Eight and a half hours after starting we were back at the car and psyched!  Without a doubt this was the best ride I've ever done.  Maybe I won't sell my bike...

Thursday, May 7, 2015

A few Baldy shots

 The dusting of snow overnight was enough to entice us into the mountains.  Baldy continues to deliver.
Andy with Layne Caldwell watching
Lower Main Chute

Red Stack - Forbidden Fruit

Noah already put a few photos up from our Tuesday stroll up Snowbird.  We basically took turns posing at the same spots so here are the same photos he put up with a different person in them.  The day before, he sent out a text with this line on Red Stack labeled "ski me!"  How could I say no to that?  The snow was mediocre at best (except for the amazing groomers down low) but it was still much more fun than my rainy bike ride the following day!  
Snowbird sleeping in the background
Red Stack shoulder
Green on green on green (the last green's his boots)
The second of three turns on the only supportable snow of the chute
The last of the three