Saturday, May 2, 2015

This morning Lars and I were heading up to Alta in hopes of finding the perfect corn we experieinced earlier in the week.  As we drove by Tanner's we looked up and saw a fair amount of snow in the upper chute which caused Lars to slam on the brakes.  In a matter of a few seconds our plans changed.  I forgot a real camera but the phone seemed to do a decent job.
Lars finding out Tanner's is not filled in
Towards the top of Tanner's we ran into the Bear 100 champ Brian Peterson, his partner, and Matthew Van Horn and company.  Collectively the 5 of them had put in a rock hard booter for which Lars and I were quite grateful.  Given the time savings, we figured we'd drop into Broad Fork and check out the E Face of Twins.  It was a mixed bag of nice corn, rocks, and isothermic slush but anyday on Twins is a good day.  Escepcially if the sun is out, you're on skis, and in a T shirt.
Summiting SLC Twins
Corn on the upper East Face
Turned into slop lower down

Headig back up to Tanner's with the boney E. Face in the background
The ski out down Tanner's was perfect (including the large amounts of walking and the waterfall that required a bit of down climbing).  It was a great morning but it certainly seems like the skiing days in the Wasatch are coming to a close.
Every bit of snow in Tanner's skied well

Lars hoping he doesn't fall into the waterfall below him
No skiing to the car

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Goblin Valley, Little Wild Horse Canyon

After spending the weekend in Carbondale, Amanda and I had another free day to wander around the desert.  Neither of us had been to Goblin Valley so that's where we went.  In the parking lot we ran into a friend who reccomended Little Wild Horse Canyon which was just a few miles away.  The Goblins were cool but the Little Canyon stole the show.
Goblin Valley
The start of Little Wild Horse Canyon

Hannah does not care

Monday, April 27, 2015

More Desert Photos - Lower Calf Creek, The Burr Trail

The day after bumbling around in Spooky Gulch we had to make our way to Carbondale Colorado.  We decided to take the Burr Trail ( a mostly paved, part dirt road) from Boulder to southern Capitol Reef.  It added a couple hours but everyone we'd talked to raved about the drive.  

Before officially leaving I squeaked in a short run to Lower Calf Creek Falls.  There's something special about water and the desert.  Hannah was PYSCHED!

The Burr Trail absolutely lived up to it's hype.  Every time we stepped out of the car we were blown away with the what we found.  Unfortunately we didn't stay long but my psych for the dessert has certainly grown.
Farms outside of Boulder
More water in the desert

Some random side canyon right off of the road as it traveled through Long Canyon
Amanda sending

Entering Capitol Reef
Capitol Reef

More desert farms

Friday, April 24, 2015

Dry Fork Slot, Peek-a-boo Gulch, Sooky Gulch

We had all of Wednesday free to do a little exploring.  At the suggestion of the ever wise Tom Diegel, we headed down Hole in the Rock Road to the Dry Fork of Coyote Gulch to check out Peek-a-boo and Spooky Gulches.  We took a little wrong turn at the beginning of the day that, luckily, allowed us to walk through Dry Fork Slot Canyon on the way to the other two.   All three were red, narrow, easy to navigate (Hannah made it), and beautiful. We found exactly what we were looking for. 
Dry Fork Slot Canyon
Mid Peek-a-boo Gulch
More sand
Spooky Gulch

Not posed, just pure excitement!
This little arch was to cause of the above facial expression

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Devil's Garden

We rolled into Escalante at 6:30 and figured we didn't have much daylight left so we headed straight to the Devil's Garden.  It's only 15 miles from town and the approach is maybe 50 meters.  Not a bad way to spend the last few minutes of the day.

Monday, April 20, 2015

Nebo North Couloirs

Nebo's the highest peak in the Wasatch but for some reason I've tended to neglected her.  Maybe it's the extra few minutes in the car that keeps me away.  Who knows?  Last Saturday we were trying to decided where to ski when Lars suggested Nebo.  He thought the storm totals might be a little less than the SLC mountains and hoped that the wind hadn't wreaked havoc like they did around here.  He was right.

Tom rallied his 4Runner to about 7400' on the loose, rocked filled, dirt road from the Mona side which only left us a quarter mile of walking before we were able to skin.  From there we found consolidated powder which made trail breaking a breeze.  We were on the summit just over two hours after we left the car and knew Nebo was the right call for the day.  

We proceeded to ski the Champagne, traverse over to the NW, skin it, and then ski it.  The summit and the ridges were getting blasted by wind but we were pleasantly surprised with the stillness we found just a couple hundred feet down.  It seemed like the majority of both the Champagne and the NW were mostly unaffected by wind.  The skiing was MUCH better than we could have hoped for - just good consistent snow all day long.  For the warmest and driest winter on record there certainly has been an abundance of amazing skiing to be had!
The Champainge (left) and the Northwest (right)
Tom was pretty happy all day
Gaining the summit ridge

Tom from the false summit in swirling winds
Entering the Champagne got a little rocky...
Tom in the upper Champagne, Lars watching from below
Lars topping out the NW above our skinner