Tuesday, March 22, 2016

3/12/16 - NW Pfeifferhorn

Tom and I didn't have a ton of time so we decided to go look at the NW off the Pfeiff.  The skinner was in most of the way and travel was about as easy as you can get.  The skiing was marginal but the setting fantastic.  Although the line is fairly short it is a Wasatch classic for good reason!

3/10/16 - SLC Twins - East Face, SW Bowl, NW Couloir

We got out with Jonah today to do a little film project.  The idea was to ski Noah's "High Five."  We were a little late, it got a little hot, and we came up a little short but it was a good time nonetheless.  

Thursday, March 10, 2016

3/8/16 - Big Provo Cirque - Mt. Timpanogos

We've been thinking about this short little line in Big Provo Cirque for the past several year but never made it there.  It's quite short but near 60 degrees at the top and located in a stunning corner of Timpanogos.  A few photos from the day.
Matt, Andy, and Tom approaching

Tom skiing to the base of the chute from the west
Andy skiing where Tom should have
Matt heading out into the clouds
Gang Bang

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

3/5/16 - Red Castle - Uintas

With the day off we decided to go explore a new part of our state.  Andy arranged snow mobile rental and we left his house at 4:30AM Saturday.  The sled was due back at 4:30PM so we figured we'd just head over, ski what we could and be done early.   With no definite plan we decided on Red Castle as we were driving.  Spotty Internet told us we'd be able to ride the sled in for about 8 mile and then we would need to skin another 8 flat miles.  Given our 4:30 deadline we thought this might not be the wisest plan but were all psyched on the Castle so we decided to give it a go.
Andy embracing his redneck

Turns out the 8 mile skin was more like 11 and it took a bit longer than anticipated.  Once we were nearing our turn around time we realized wouldn't even make it to the base of the Castle if we wanted to get the sled back on time. We debated for a second and then Andy made the decision to just keep the machine and deal with late fees when the time came.  This breathed a little life into the group but once we got a solid look at our lines our motivation wavered.

Option #1
Option #2
At this point we figured we might as well just head up have a look around and be happy we were in a new spot.  The chute we decided to head up (option #2) was boney.  Maybe enough snow for half a dozen turns.  Being pessimistic at the moment my vote was to ski it and get the hell out.  Luckily Andy had a little more vision and talked us into skiing a south facing aspect to the back side of Red Castle.

The skiing was great and once back there a whole new world of chutes and cliffs opened up.  Apart from the snow mobile timeline, everyone had family obligations.  Instead of staying all night we decided to just ski one of the lines and try to make it back at a reasonable hour.  Four hours late is reasonable.  

Lars in chute #2

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

3/4/16 - Buckskin Gulch/Bryce Canyon

 While Amanda was out snuggling baby bears Hannah and I had the day to ourselves exploring Buckskin Gulch and Bryce Canyon.  Probably not as cool and playing with bear but still a fine outing.

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

2/27/16 - North Timp

We were a crew of five this Saturday and everyone was game to look around Timp.  The initial plan was to ski the Grunge and the Crescent.  As we approached the Grunge we saw a tempting chute near the Exit Couloir at the base of the Grunge.  With no real agenda we headed that way.  About 1000' up there was a little cliff band that proved too difficult so we flipped it and headed back toward the Grunge.  
The crew in the unnamed chute
Andy heading down
The Grunge was aesthetic as always.  The entrance was about as mellow as we've seen and a touch of soft snow made the whole thing quite enjoyable.
Lars, Bart, Andy midway up the Grunge
Andy, not psyched that I made him stop to take a photo
Tom mid Exit Couloir
Lars skiing to Bart and Tom

2/25/16 - NW Twins/Stairs

SLC Twins was a popular place today.  We saw fresh tracks in every major line and chatted with three different parties.  Andy, Ben, and I decided to ski the NW then bump up and over to Stairs.  We found variable snow mixed with soft spots and a ton of sun.  I guess Twins were popular for good reason.

NW of SLC Twins

2-24-16 N Superior

 Not a ton of time again today.  Work...  Andy and I headed up Cardiff to see what looked good.  We ended up on Superior skiing reasonably good snow all the way back to the house.

Brody Leven's tracks in The Lightning Bolt

Saturday, February 27, 2016

2-23-16 East Kessler

Not a whole lot of time today I got out solo in the backyard up Kessler.  With low expectations the East Couloir turned into one of the finer runs of the year.  Soft snow from top to bottom.

2-20-16 Cascade

We had always wondered if there was a way around Bridal Veil Falls.  Turns out there is.  No ropes needed, just a tolerance for loose rock and mud.  I'm sure a week ago it was all snow but I guess that's what we get for waiting.  Once above BVF there were a couple options.  Either straight through a burn and on to the summit or up what looked like a narrow little chute the the summit ridge.  We chose the latter and found a pretty mellow slide path that cliffed out just before the ridge.  No summit for the day but the beta was worth it!