Thursday, July 19, 2012

New Pfeifferhorn FKT?

Winter, 2010
Last year I time trialed the Pfeifferhorn and thought I came away with a fastest known time (FKT).  Turns our faster times were known.  I ran a time of 1:07 from the White Pine parking lot to the summit but Karl Meltzer had run 1:06:10, I just didn't know that. When I heard this I figured I better go up there and give it another go.

I had Wednesday afternoon off and decided to make an attempt after eating Indian buffet for lunch and taking a 2 hour nap.  This might sound like a bad idea but it was one of the few afternoons I had free and earlier in the day I just couldn't say no to Katmandu.
Jared next to Red Pine Lake, 2011
Starting at the White Pine parking lot I made the first bridge in 7:30, the Maybird turn off in mid 23, the lake in 35, the ridge in 53 and the summit in 1:05:01. Toward the summit, I looked at my watch and saw 1:04.  Thinking I could make it in under 65 mins I blew myself up over the last little bit only to stop the watch at 65:01.  As I sat up there breathing hard, hurting, tired, without water, kind of cold,  and without a shirt I couldn't help but chuckle a little.  Seemed like a pretty stupid thing to be doing.  

A minute later I kept thinking about the few seconds/minutes here or there that were wasted, how someone out there should be able to summit in under an hour, and how maybe I need to try again. I'm guessing I'll find myself doing "stupid" things for quite some time.        

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  1. when you texted me the time, I didn't realize that was a FKT. nice. I swear I heard someone has done it sub-hr. :)

  2. smokin' fast.

    ...the part that blows me away is your buffet bender at katmandu a coupla hours prior to the attmpt. suprised you even got off the couch. i'm pretty much done for the day after a trip to the Kat. shoulda saved a few mo-mo's for the summit.

  3. Amazing. Congrats on the new FKT. I am one who truly believes a good Indian meal is the way to go.

  4. Bet you ate more than 527 kcal at lunch. Nice push.

  5. Incredible time! Just did the Pfeifferhorn for the first time on Saturday. Took the Maybird route, far too much rock hopping and scrambling to the ridge for speed--and it's longer (my gps read 5 miles at the top). Came down Red Pine--much better.

    Q: Is there a preferred route/trail up to the ridge from Red Pine or it is just a mad scramble? (I'll check out your route via garmin connect).