Monday, December 10, 2012

Ski Items For Sale (Evo's, Stratos, TLT5 P, Stelvio XL's, etc)

Time to get rid of several gems.  Leave a message or text me if you're interested.  
Dynafit Evo size 27, $650

La Sportiva Stratos, size 27, not as new as picture, gaiter is torn, they have been cracked and repaired but are still light and look reasonably new, $600
TLT 5 Performance, beat to hell, size 27 $100
Andy also a pair, less used but still beat, size 27, $150
Dynafit Nanga Parbat 171, decent shape, $150
Dynafit Lo Tech Lite binding, $150
Ski Trab Stelvio XL 171, $300 (no binding)

Voile Drifter 172, New in wrapper, $300
Garmont Megaride, Rarely used, $100

Garmin Forerunner 205, used but works, $50

Sunnto T3c, heart rate monitor, rarely used, $50
La Sportiva Batura,  size 43.5, used once, $200
Black Diamond Epic 45L, $50


  1. How beat are we talking on the tlt5's? (yours or Andy's)? I have liners, and TLT mountains were all I could afford on ep two years ago, hows the play in the pivot? Love to see some more photos, kirkw(dot)turner at gmail (dot) com

  2. Yeah also interested in the TLT5s. I have Mountains now that are also kinda beat up. Are the buckles all still functional or will they need to be drilled and repressed? adebowski at gmail dot com

  3. Follow up. Can I just meet up with you at some point cash in hand and take a look at your and Andy's boots and make the call then? I live in downtown SLC but often am down in Sandy at Momentum...

  4. if the low techs dont go to jared, i'll take them!

  5. If the pack is a size medium then I will take it.

    1. Late reply, I'm not sure of the size. It's my brother's and he's 6'1" and it fits him, let me know if you want to try it on.

    2. probably a large then, so I'm good.

  6. Hello: I am interested in your Stratos boots, but they will probably be too small. What size US shoe do you wear? I wear 10.5s.


    1. They fit a 10.5 foot. Are you in SLC? Let me know if you want to try them on.

    2. Thanks for the reply. Unfortunatly I live in Jacksonville, FL. So I am not sure how best to work out the logistics. I would love to fly out to SLC to get some skiing in. I realize that these boots are race specific, however If they are stiff enought that I could get away with using these boots for general ski mountaineering and downhill (mated to RT bindings and Lo5 skis), I would be very happy. My alternative to these should they not work/fit will be the Spitfires.

      I'd love to hear any insight you might have regarding the real-world use of these boots. brandon dot alwin at gmail dot com.

      Thanks again!

  7. Hello: Still interested in the Stratos Boots. Can you contact me at brandon dot alwin at Thanks!

  8. Wondering if you would be willing to ship the Nanga Parpat skis? I live in Cumberland, BC, Canada V0R 1S0

  9. Did the Stratos boots sell...if not can you email me a

  10. Hey Jason,
    I am interested in the Nanga Parbat skis if you still have them. Shoot me a text , I am in SLC.
    801 six four seven 8178

  11. Hey id be happy to take either of the two pairs of tlt5 off you guys hands, id prefere the less used ones but eithers fine. If you could let me know as soon as you hve a chance by texting 406 four three nine 4997 that would be great. Ive got two sets of skis and binders waiting to get mounted either to my beat to hell f1 carbons or if you still got em your beat tlts ;)

    Cheers, sam

  12. Hello, just wondering if you still have the ski trab stelvio xl and the tlt5 boots 27.
    Thanks! Tomas

  13. Jason, old post, but any TLT 5s left?
    Please send me an email.
    curveballcoming at