Saturday, December 8, 2012

White Baldy and Lake Peak - Winter has arrived

Tom, Andy and I headed up the White Pine Drainage with hopes of standing on top of some of the higher peaks in the area.  Andy convinced us to head over to White Baldy promising a good scramble and ski descent.  We stuck to the road that passes under Red Baldy and then aimed for the low point on the ridge heading up to WB. 
Andy and Tom heading to the west ridge of W. Baldy
As promised, the ridge provided plenty of good rock moves sprinkled with a bit of exposure.  The 50 mph wind gusts and large amounts of snow in my unprotected eyes were an added bonuses.
Andy smearing in ski boots 
Final portion of the summit ridge
From the summit we headed for a north facing gully that dropped us into the Red Pine Drainage.  Although coverage is still spotty at best, the firm base of snow keep us from hitting too many rocks.  We debated heading over to the Pfeif but decided on Lake Peak instead to ski the classic Lake coulior.
Tom skiing off White Baldy
The summit of Lake Peak, Lake Coulior in the foreground
Andy, Lake Coulior
As expected, Lake Coulior skied great. On our approach we saw another party breaking trail up a NE facing line that starts just N of the Lake Peak summit.  With a skinner in, we raced up it and found more consistent dense powder.  Not a bad way to end a vacation week.
Tom in the NE coulior


  1. So Andy has the Trab Maestro and Tom has the Movement X-Bond – did you complete the picture with yet another lightweight ski not distributed in North America? (And now that you guys are sponsored by Scarpa, can you knock some sense into them after they didn’t distribute the Sint Aero and now are doing the same with the Maestro?)

    1. You have a good eye. I was also on the Maestros and I'm not sure why they're not distributed in North America. You would think everyone would want a pair.

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