Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Citizen's Series #2 and a Mt. Raymond bail

Race #2 turned out to be a good event despite the cold rain.  Getting out of the car in the rain at 9000' felt unpleasant but once everyone got going it wasn't too bad.  That's one major benefit of working out with others.  Everyone's excitement turns what would typically be horrible into a fitness gaining good time.   Race #3 goes down on 12/18 at 7:00 PM, put it on your calendar.
Andy giving out awards
This morning Jared and I headed up to foolishly attempt to ski Mt. Raymond.  After gaining the ridge that offers good views of Raymond we were once again reminded of how boney south facing slopes are and turned around before committing to a long rocky walk.  The exit was interesting.  We found moose. 
Not sure what Jared's doing, I think it's his moose mating call.  It didn't work.
And a ton of bushes...
Look close, it goes as far as the eye can see
Although getting out was still quite enjoyable, I think we'll stick to areas with a little better coverage for the time being.


  1. that is some nasty 'schwacking

  2. Turns out pants and a jacket make a schwack tolerable.