Sunday, December 2, 2012

Red Stack, Red Baldy, N. Superior - Finally!

It's been to long since I've been able to get some touring in.  Luckily, Teague and Andy were available Friday morning and we found some amazing snow in the White Pine drainage.  The chutes were wind buffed and in primo condition.
Teague and Andy heading up the middle chute on Red Stack 
Andy higher on Red Stack
A little higher.  
 The top couple hundred feet of Red Stack were not in.  This was quite obvious but there was no discussion, we just slowly picked our way to the top.  Although it didn't add any more skiing, topping out was worth it.  It's all about the up anyway, right?

Teague heading down Middle Chute 
From there it was a quick skin on the road over to the base of White Baldy where we chose the right most chute.  Again, the skiing was far better than expected, as was the little scramble to the top. 
Towards the summit ridge line of Red Balsy
Andy enjoying the race set up
Luke Nelson was in town Saturday and he rounded up a crew to head out for a little exercise.  We were 7 deep (Andy D., Luke, Tanner, Andy, Toph, Chad B. and myself) and headed over to N. Superior.  Variable snow was challenging in race gear but enjoyable nonetheless. Being with good company in the mountains really a treat.  I'm not sure why everyone doesn't do it.  
Luke near the summit of Superior
Andy entering the N. coulior
In other, non-skiing related, news I recently got engaged! It's looking like Dec 21st is the day with a post wedding celebration sometime in the spring.  If you want an invite to the party, let me know your address and you may or may not get one.  You'll have to get passed the strict screening process...