Thursday, November 22, 2012

Skin the Turkey, Wasatch Citizen's Series Race #1 Recap

Race #1 is in the books.  30+ people (including 5 split boarders) showed up on a Thanksgiving morning to chase each other around Brighton and make their turkey dinners taste that much better.  As usual, there were a good mix of "serious" and "recreational" racers.  Everyone lapped a 500 vertical foot course for an hour with the winner, Tom Goth, completing 6 laps.   A few picture from the morning...
The traditional crooked start line
Nick, Gemma and Eric at the first transition
He wasn't really second to last
Travis and Layne demonstrating the wide variety of ski and body sizes that participated
Tom Goth (of 9:47 Kona Ironman fame) with his victory pie
Don't forget, the next race is December 4th at 7PM.  There should be a demo fleet of Ski Trab skis, pies, and a few miscellaneous ski prizes so be there!

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  1. Great work on the blog, I've been following it for awhile and have added a link to it from mine, which I began recently:
    I am thinking to start up something akin to the 'citizen series' where I live and would really appreciate any tips/ideas for different race formats if you have the time, my email is