Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Skin the Turkey Ski Mountaineering Race

The first "Skin the Turkey" 2011
The Citizen's Series is starting again! We'll be meeting at Brighton this Thursday (Thanksgiving morning) at 8:00 AM. The idea is to chase each other around for an hour or so and get a little fitter in the process.  Check out the Citizen's Series race schedule for up coming events.  There will be another 9 races throughout the year leading up to the Granddaddy of them all, the Powder Keg.  

Let's be clear that these races are meant for everyone, not just the skimo dorks in their spandex suits and skinny skis.  There should be plenty of people on heavy gear, split boards, everything.  Don't let the word race scare you from coming!  Pies to the winners and other various ski related prizes will be given to those who are deemed worthy.  

Brighton has been kind enough to allow us to play in their resort so helmets and massive amounts of respect towards everything Brighton are required.  Park by the church on the Milly side, not in front of the Milly Chalet.  We will warm up together to the start of the course (location TBA). 

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