Thursday, January 19, 2017

December 2016 Skiing

Nov 30 
Andy, last day of November

12/3/16 Argenta with Tom, Jared, Bart
12/5/16 En route to the East of Kessler with Andy and Jaime

12/7/16 Argenta with Adam and Andy

12/9/16 Noah
12/10/16 Days with Chad and Lars(pictured)



12/13/16 Days with Lars
12/17/16 Porter with Chad, Lars, Bart, and Justin


12/19/16 with Noah and Tony 
Noah en route to a boney S Superior


12/20/16 East Kessler with Tom and Lars

12/21/16 East Kessler with Andy and Tyler

12/24/16 Days with Andy and Noah

12/26/16 Chad Ambrose

12/26/16 Andy

12/26/16 Tom


12/31/16 New Years Tradition with Bart, Lars, and Andy

Bart in Old Growth

Andy, Lars, Bart

New Year's Eve Superior Summit

Bart and his NYE bomb

A Few Summer Photos

Mark Graham on the West Slabs

Noah Howell - S. Ridge Superior

Hannah evading our Neighbor Wade

Andy's boy 1000' up Grandeur

Sept 24, 2017

Travis Haussner