Monday, February 14, 2011

2-14-2011 Ski Trab Failure

Today started out sunny and 50 degrees, we were going to Cascade to check out a few of the west facing chutes.
 No shirts and tights is always a good time!
 We were all pretty excited to be in the sun and heading to a new area until...

Andy's binding broke! 
Turns out the recall Ski Trab put out for their race binding was well founded.  I guess were were lucky this broke while skinning on a flat road.  2 broken bindings in 2 weeks (Fail #1), can we go 3 for 3?

Adam Okeefe looking over Utah County

We were about 200 meters from the Squaw Peak overlook when the binding broke so we walked on up to scope for "county babes."  Couldn't see any. Sad.


  1. Does the Trab binding recall apply to the 2009 Race bindings as well?

  2. Alastair,

    As far as I know the race binding was first previewed at shows in '09 and then it's only season of production was 2010/2011. If I had a binding that looked like the one above i'd be careful, good luck!!!