Tuesday, February 22, 2011

2-18/2-19-2011 Oquirrh Traverse!

Long day, 21 hours, 16,000 vertical, 40 miles, A LOT of wind, a lot of moon.  Been looking at this for a while, we thought about bailing a few times due to wind and darkness, glad we didn't.  Day started with a 3:30 wake up.  We ate some cold Little Caesar's pizza as we shuttled cars and then it was on.  3 hours, in my nose turned white.  5 hours in, my skin clip broke. About 20 miles in, the winds died down a bit. If they wouldn't have eased up, we would have had a horrible time.  21 hours in, we walked for a mile, barefoot, on I-80.

Skiing by Kennecott was the best part, walking for 2 hours in ski boots was the worst.  Andy posted a pretty thorough report here. Here are a few more of Andy's pics, I didn't bring a camera 

Towards the first peak of the day.

Long way to go.

Not sure the names of these peaks, before the Butterfields


The end/the moon.

I ate a lot of junk

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  1. sounds epic. i'm guessing juicy oozers are a step up from gushers? - warren