Thursday, February 24, 2011

2-24-2011 Hellgate

We weren't sure what to do today.  Adam's idea of skiing Hellgate couloir sounded the best.  
The boys looking to get rowdy

The boys looking not so rowdy
Our excitement was gone pretty quickly once we realized we didn't know the correct line. It supposedly makes 2 rappels from different trees.  Who would have thought finding the right trees is a problem? Not wanting to commit to rapping without any rock gear we decided to retreat.

Instead of Hellgate, we decided to ski a little down a little gully that looked like it wouldn't cliff out.

Andy getting blasted by wind
Turns out that one cliffed out too(although just barely) and Andy had to boot back up.  Third attempt down yet another gulley was manageable and we were done for the day soon to be eating Chinese.

Our first go ended at the arrow.  Not sure if 2 70m ropes would have done the job. (summitpost photo)

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