Wednesday, March 2, 2011

3-1-2011 Needle, Sliver, Coalpit, Y

Glad Jared hooked me up Chad for a little blind ski date. Lot of picture for the day, started with a pre-set booter in the Y.
Topping out the Y
Then a little traverse to the top of the Needle.
The Needle
Chad entering
Down the Needle and over to the Sliver for a little skinning and steep booting.
The Sliver
Topping it out into the wind
Wish I had a before shot. We pulled a cord out and cut a large chuck of cornice off, pretty fun to watch it blow up.

After the cut

Steeper than it looks,

Sliver Apron
After the Sliver it was over to the top of the Coalpit Headwall.

Summit pose

CP Headwall

Coalpit with some tracks
Finally it was over to the Y and out.

Chad looking hot
This skiing followed by a short run left me STARVING!

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