Thursday, March 3, 2011

3-3-2011 Bonkers and Stairs

4:30 wake up ended with me driving to the point of the mountain and then going back to bed.  After yesterdays wet slide, we figured 48 degrees was too warm.  Later, Adam suggested Stairs.  Why not?  Adam, John, Zack, Ryan and I headed up to a white out.  Zero viz meant Bonkers was more appropriate.
Zack struggling to see
 First 500 feet were WHITE
Finally cleared near the bottom, Adam skiing
Lap 2 found John and I waiting in the clouds thinking Stairs was out.

John on top of Bonkers loving the cloud
As we all were waiting, Stairs Gultch suddenly cleared.  We figured we'd check it out and skin back up if the clouds came back, luckily them didn't!

Zack, powder, Stairs

Turns out Stairs contains a few rocks and a little ice. After a couple wrong turns, John found the alli baba.

John finds the way, Adam turns, Zack waits

"I really like skiing powder."
- John

Zack exiting


More Zack

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  1. Jason!! HIII!!!!! I like your blog! So.... are you in SLC? You should call Maddie!