Wednesday, March 9, 2011

3-7/8-2011 Snowbird with KG, Tash, and Q. Jenson

Skied with these guys at Snowbird for a few days. Tash and Keith we in from Texas and psyched!
Getting ready, took a WHILE
Keith enjoyed the cafeteria for a good part of the day. Ha ha ha.

Keith (Q), stylish as ever with the googles.
Got back to the Bell's Canyon trailhead to find this.

Yep, it's broken
I didn't think anything was gone until I made it home and tried to finish up some school work that was due a week ago.  Turns out my computer was gone and I had a month of work to redo, SMF!  Oh well, at least the 2 pairs of skis, 2 pairs of boots, avy beacon, shovel, probe, 2 ropes, ice tools, misc climbing hardware, 2 harnesses and all the other trash in my car was still there.  HIDE YOUR STUFF!


  1. back up your stuff foo

  2. hide your stuff... hide your kids, hide your wife