Saturday, March 19, 2011

3-18-2011 Hulk Hogum? Hogum Magnifique?

We've been talking about this tour for a little while.  See Andy for more.  Last attempt ended with a broken binding on top of the Pfeif.  6:00AM start put us on the ridge above Maybird as the sun came up.  
Andy, Jared on the ridge.
We were expecting warm weather.   Not sure what the temp was but wind made it COLD!

Not sure if this shows how windy it really was
#1-NW couloir off the Pfeifferhorn.  Little icy but it skied pretty well.

On the way out
Andy and I hadn't thought much about Snapdragon but Jared was psyched so we followed him.  Turns out we didn't have any idea where it was.  We ended up taking the line in the left of following pic.

Line #2 for the day

On the way up
Full of wind drifted powder, pretty fun

On the way down
Next up, #3-Montgomery. To enter, our options were a sketchy down-climb or a rap.
We chose to rap
Stayed on rappel over the sugar covered rocks in the top of the chute.

Jared above the cliff
The skiing was great.  We couldn't find the anchor before the cliff so we left more stuff, oh well.
Andy up top
Jared abseilling
Exiting Montgomery

From there #4-The Sliver waited.

Andy skiing, Jared lower, both in the Sliver
Next #5-Dresden Face. We weren't sure if we had time.  Glad Jared was psyched once again.
Good skiing
#6-The Needle skied pretty bad.  Mostly icy with patches of soft.

Andy found some soft
Back up to the top of the Coalpit headwall.
Glad to be done with most of the up, Pfeif in the background.
#7-Coalpit, best skiing of the day.

Jared and Andy towards our entry
Lower on the headwall
#8-The Y was a short traverse away.  The top was great.  The bottom, full of debris.

8 lines, almost 14 hours, almost 12,000 feet later we were back at the car.

Happy to be done, hungery

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  1. Wow. Truly an amazing traverse. You guys are killing it this year.