Monday, April 25, 2011

4-23-2011 N. Ridge, Pfeifferhorn

photo by Jared
Annotated by Andy
Lars was in town, what a treat.  We decided to head up the N ridge of the Pfeif and then down one of the unnamed chutes to the NW.  Our idea of hitting a few other lines in the area changed once weather rolled in.  At least part one went as planned.
Lars gaining the ridge 
The start of the roped climbing

Lars nearing the crux

Andy's leg, our line below him, and a bit of air

Andy pulling past the last of the difficulties

Andy and Lars close to the summit
 Once on top we chatted with few guys from the county, ate some food, and got psyched to pick our way down terrain that was unknown to us.  A little bit of gear and two 60 meter ropes led us to a nice NW facing shot that provided a mostly clear exit.  An icy choke with rocks down the middle of it was the only interruption.  It led to a little bit of "freeride" practice.

Andy about to jump off a rock, guess how that ended...
Lars heading home
For some reason grades were given out today.  Lars gets an A- for his climbing and an A for his "freeride"skills.  Not bad.

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