Sunday, September 18, 2011

9-17-2011 Center Thumb, Lone Peak

I was on Lone Peak last week and saw a few parties on Center Thumb, since then I've been thinking about getting back. Jared had most of the day free and was psyched on doing a little climbing so after the saturday morning soccer games we were off.  Our 11:15 start had us looking at nothing but clouds.  When we finally got a view of the cirque we saw snow!  Although the first snow of the season is exciting, snowy ledges/wet rock don't help climbing.  To make matters worse clouds started to build and snow started falling the second we entered the cirque. We sat, shivered, and ate while trying to decide what to do.   It came down to the good ole, "We might as well take a look."  

Scattered damp holds and full on wet cracks made the first few pitches a bit more insecure than I would have liked.  Luckily the sun came out and things seemed to dry out by the time we made it higher on the thumb.  Turned out to be almost perfect climbing weather.  
September snow clouds?
"My feet hurt."  No, this face was not posed. Notice the snow. 
Jared cruising the crux pitch
The late start had us summiting right when Jared had to be home.  We skipped any further climbing plans for the day and had a quick jog out, GC training.  Golden hour wasn't too shabby.
Jared and the County

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