Tuesday, November 15, 2011

West Slabs Attempt/Early Season Skiing

The approach

Jared had another good idea today.  He drove to work, looked up at the West Slabs on Olympus, and promptly texted saying he'd ditch work before it started if we could go climb.  Even though I could only imagine crampons sparking as they skidded on slab, how could I say no?  If nothing else this would be good training for bigger winter goals.  

I'm not sure why we thought we'd feel comfortable simul-climbing but after a few feet we realized we better pitch it out.  70 mins later we were both at the first belay station looking at the clock.  If I remember correctly, it's about an 8 pitch climb. 8x70 = a long time.  Since I had to be at work in 2 1/2 hours it seemed unlikely.  We bailed.  At least we have a future project.  I give it a 7 on the sketchy scale even though Jared seems to think it's less.  Either way, it'll make for a good outing given the time.

Jared Inouye,  pitch 1, West Slabs, Mt. Olympus

Timp, soon.
On another note, the skiing over the past few weeks has ranged from bad to excellent.  It doesn't really matter, it just feels good to be outside. Unfortunately the snow is spare.  Main Baldy remains the go to spot.  A few pics...
The crew as the sun broke
Adam Okeefe, Main Baldy
Photo stolen from www.tetonsandwasatch.com

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