Monday, December 19, 2011

12-19-2011 South Summit, Mt Timpanogos - FRESH AIR!!!

Aaron and Isaac Inouye heading up Primrose Cirque 
 While the valley floors were covered in pollution, Aaron, Isaac and I hiked to the South Summit of Timp in search of a little fresh air.  Starting at Aspen Grove under clear starry skys we quickly made it up Primrose.  Once it was light enough to turn headlamps off we noticed a hugely obvious inversion.  It felt pretty good knowing we weren't down there breathing it all in.  From there on it was one of the prettiest trips I've made up Timp.  I'm not sure why, maybe it's because this year most my skiing has been "training (uphill laps at a resort)" and not "touring," maybe it was the inversion, maybe it was the fantastic morning light, maybe it was knowing how bad the air was down low. Whatever it was, this morning was spectacular. A few pictures to prove it...
Clear morning skys and the moon above Timp 
Aaron and Isaac towards the top of the snowfield
The boys at the saddle
 Once we hit the saddle it was obvious there wasn't going to be any skiing going on to the West.  Since the South Summit is so close and Aaron already said  "today feels like a summit day" we felt the need to go stand on it. Tiring loose rock led to more scenic views...
Just leaving the saddle
Inouyes summiting

 From the summit we walked back down the loose rock and started skiing from the saddle.  Conditions ranged from breakable to supportable to week old powder.  Over all not too bad.  There were, of course, a few lurking shark fins.

Aaron on top of the snowfield

Someone got caught by a shark
As everyone already knows, new snow will lead to dangerous conditions.  I'm glad I got up the Utah County classic before things get worse.  Maybe you should too.

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  1. Nice work guys. Better to get out and do something, than just sit around and pout.