Thursday, February 23, 2012

Throwin' Buckets?

The boys heading up
Warren came to visit from California and we were treated with not only good company but also some new surfer lingo - Taking a trip to the Green Shack, throwing buckets...  Apparently carving on a wave and throwing up a spray is referred to as "throwing buckets."  We figured we'd venture out and a throw some buckets of our own.  This was to be Warren's first trip into the backcountry and we had big plans. Like so many other times this year avy danger was high and our terrain was limited.  An unimaginative trip to Short Swing still made for a good outing.
Andy rocking the skinny skis
Warren, 1st day out, throwin'
Also, second to last Citizen's Skimo Race tonight at Brighton, 7PM.  Meet at the base of the Great Western lift.  Come, get faster, have fun, try to win a pie.

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  1. thanks for the good times. and waiting for me on the descent...