Monday, May 28, 2012

The Pipeline - Memorial Day powder!

I thought I only had 3 days off this month, last night at work I found out I have 4.  With this last minute free day I sent out a text looking for a ski partner.  Within 5 seconds of sending it Chad responded saying he was in.  After discussing the rain that came through the past few days and staring up at the high peaks, we both figured the mountains got nothing more than a dusting.  Luckily we were wrong.  

Right from the car we were skinning on a new consolidated few inches above the old snow. The higher we went the more there was until we were in the Pipeline proper.  There we found boot top to knee deep powder.  We couldn't believe it.  The rest of the day went as expected, amazing!  We were even able to ski all the way to the car.  Unfortunately it was heating up pretty early and I don't think this late May winter feeling will last long. I would guess it's done already. We made sure we took plenty of pictures to show those who declined the offer to ski what they missed...
Chad low in the Pipeline
Chad breaking
Towards the top of the Pipeline, skirting right, trying to leave the snow untouched
It's still winter
Chad entering upper portion
Lower, photo by Chad
Chad, mid chute
The Apron, photo by Chad
Chad in a mini chute on the exit, more dry snow!
On the ride out we chatted about how lucky we are to be able to ski something like that and be back home in just a couple hours.  HAPPY MEMORIAL DAY!


  1. Nice, I was similarly pleasantly surprised next door on Baldy.

  2. JD what a great day it was!!!

  3. New camera? Or did you take a class? Pics look really nice.

  4. Noah, thanks. A nice day = nice pics! I've had the camera (cannon T2i, 10-22mm lens) for a while but it's kind of big so I don't take it everyday.