Friday, February 1, 2013

Thomas Fork - Touring paradise

Recently I've been blown away with some amazing mellow touring.  Normally I don't like going to the same place day after day but this close to town drainage has kept me interested for the past 3 days in a row.  It has been paradise for the following reasons:

1. The trailhead is 10 mins from my house.
2. We felt safe going there during this time of higher avy danger
3. 1000' of luge track skinning at the start keeps the crowds away
4. Total vert gain is 4200'
5. The Valley air has been clean
6. Someone put in a PERFECT skinner in
         -All corners are at right angles
         -Never too steep
7. Amazing rimed trees above 7500'
8. The snow is fast, uniform, dense powder

Self portrait with Triangle Peak in the background
Where in the Wastach does the skinner look like this? 
Beautiful rime
Yesterdays tracks with Tom Goth


  1. thomas fork +1 that you've advertised it, try not to get all worked-up like the crusty curmudgeons of beartrap when the heavy metal crew shows up and trashes your perfectly groomed skinner.


  2. Hey,
    How's the lower bit of Thomas' back to the Neff's trail through the pines, etc? Pretty filled in and skiable? It's my local tour, too, living in Olympus Cove, and haven't had time to venture up there yet. Thanks.

    1. Tyler,

      The lower bit's a tad icy with enough lingering rocks and branches to make it sporty. Not as sketchy as the luge track full of dogs and people though...

    2. Right on, thanks. Went up today and it was enjoyable. Thanks for the skinner. I promise I wasn't the one who skied over it in multiple spots. We you the guys who went partly up the chute off of Triangle Peak? I didn't think today was the conditions to tag that, but its on my list.