Friday, March 29, 2013

Cold Fusion/Elk Mountain Grand Traverse

For our last day of Elk Mountain Grand Traverse training (Tuesday) we headed down to the best peak in the state, Mt. Timpanogos.  The EMGT covers 40 miles and only gains 8000' so we figured the long flat approach to Cold Fusion would be an appropriate day.  We caught up with Adam, Tyler and Mike in the chute proper, took turns breaking trail to the top, and ended up skiing before the heat affected the snow too badly.  There was even a fair amount of dry wind sheltered powder. 
Andy half way up CF
Cold Fusion was recognized as one of the 50 classic ski descents in North America and with good reason.  But even with the decent snow we found, the line left something to be desired.  Maybe it's because I've skied it several times before but I think it's just that there are better lines on Timp. The Grunge, the West Face, Crescent Couloir just to name a few.  Again, CF's a great line and I'm not saying it was a bad day, I'm just saying the other lines on Timp are that good and should be skied! 

Now we're in Crested Butte making last minute preparations for the EMGT.  This is quite the event.  There are 180 teams and everyone's psyched to get going.  The midnight start and the length of the course give this race a unique feel. We've had decent training so we'll see how it goes...
A bunch of nervous skiers at the pre-race meeting
The gear list is long and makes for some heavy packs.  Here's what we're taking.

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