Thursday, March 14, 2013

Timp, W. Face

Andy, Noah and I went down to Utah County to ski the W. Face of Timp.  After I slept in and was late to the car pool spot (sorry guys) we made our way to the Kiwana's Park in Pleasant Grove.  From there we walked a few miles on dirt up Battlecreek Canyon until we were standing on firm summer snow looking up at the W Face.  With 70 degree temps predicted in the Valley we figured there'd be some top notch corn to be had; we were glad to be on Timp again! Here's how the rest of the day looked.
Noah, Oquirrhs in the background
Low on the face. We could have bypassed this little rock band by skirting right.  In hindsight it was a good thing we went up it just so we weren't tempted to try and ski it... 
The guys working their way through the rock bands.
Higher up our firm summer snow turned variable.  At times it was rock hard and perfect for booting, other times it was breakable and deep.  Andy wallowing.
An ice glaze was added for the last few thousand feet. We could see the sun approaching and at this point and were still hopeful it would soften everything up.  If only we had our ski crampons we could have been skinning. Andy and Noah glad to have whippets.
The summit ridge with the sun just starting to hit the W Face. Once on top, we sat in the summit hut for an hour or so before we got too cold and headed out to brave the ice.  
The upper few hundred feet was wind hammered but still dry. Andy and Noah about to get some of the greatest snow on earth.
Near the summit, still in dry snow, photo by Andy
After a couple hundred feet, the aspect changed slightly and the snow turned icy.  We didn't wait long enough...
Noah, about to hit the icy portion
Andy, also entering the icy section lower on the face
The bullet proof  softened as we went and eventually turn into the corn we came for.  Noah skiing something shinny and in between ice and corn.
Out of the 6,800' we found at least a few thousand of great skiing.   I guess all the warm weather's good for something.  Photo by Andy

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