Tuesday, May 28, 2013

2nd Anual Memorial Day Ski

Yesterday Chad and I went up to Snowbird with hopes of skiing the Pipeline for the second straight Memorial Day.  Last year we had a foot or so of new snow and a closed Snowbird working in our favor.  This year Snowbird was still open and the snowpack has been dwindling fast but we figured corn's just as good as powder and if we went before the resort opens then there wouldn't be anyone to tell us no.
Memorial Day 2012
Turns out Snowbird was a step ahead of us and posted a sign at the base of the chute that told us no.  For a moment we considered ignoring the sign but quickly decided blatant disobedience wasn't the smartest thing.  After all, they have been kind enough to let us work out on their slopes all winter so a little respect was warranted.  Still wanted to keep our young tradition alive, we made our way over to Hidden Peak to ask ski patrol for permission.  They looked at us for a second and then, as expected, shook their heads no. 

No worries, we headed over to Baldy and found a dry summit with moguls down Main Chute.  Not quite as good as last year and our hopes of establishing a Memorial Day Pipeline tradition failed. On the bright side, we had great weather and next Memorial Day when Chad and I ski for the 3rd year in a row our terrain won't be limited by a silly tradition.  
Chad heading up Baldy
Chad walking off a dry Baldy summit
Corn moguls in Main Chute

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