Sunday, May 5, 2013

GEAR:30 slideshow and the Grunge Video

For some reason Gear:30 asked Andy and I to do a slideshow about ski mountaineering and a few of the projects we've been working on.  When we got a copy of the of the flyer they put together we both felt a little embarrassed by a few things such as "mind blowing feats..." Oh well. Although the ski mountaineering we do is by no means mind blowing, hopefully we can show a few entertaining photos and have a good time.  If nothing else, OR will be handing out a few free knick knacks.  If you've got nothing going on, we'd love so see someone there who isn't related to us...

Also, here's another very amateur video I put together of Jared's and my day in the Grunge a few weeks ago.  I was all psyched on the stupid GoPro but after using it for one day am going to return it.  The battery last roughly 35 minutes and the camera freezes and won't start or stop unless you pull the battery out.  Those things are garbage.

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