Saturday, May 11, 2013

Main Baldy - Loving the Wasatch!

Andy and I wanted to get a few more days skiing before the temps reach the 90s on Monday. So with very low expectations we headed to Baldy Main Chute for a quick ski up and down.  What we found made for one of the most enjoyable mornings of the year.  We had firm/fast/icy snow up to the apron of Main Chute where the snow was turning to perfect corn.  There wasn't a touch of wind, the sky was blue, and we were once again reminded of how amazing spring skiing can be.  We skinned the entire chute (Andy booted the last 50') and then laughed the whole way down about how great the skiing was. We were then able to quickly make it home to enjoy other weekend responsibilities/festivities. What a great place to live! 
Andy looking at our skinner in Main Chute
Topping out (Andy quit on the skinning idea)
Skiing some corn/slush/icy shadows


  1. Utah is awesome. It has been an entertaining season watching you guys get after it! Well done!

  2. Interesting thoughts, I really enjoyed your blog.