Saturday, October 5, 2013

Mt Timpanogos - Winter running

We weren't sure if the government closed Mt. Timapanogos but Tom, Lars and I all had the morning off so we figured we'd go check.  Luckily they have not, at least not to hikers. Neither Tom nor Lars had run the Timpanooke trail before so that was the day's objective.  

It was 34 degrees in the Valley and much colder at the trailhead when we started.  Apart from the cold, there was snow on the ground which made Lars and I second guess our choice of half tights.  Unfortunately there was nothing we could do about it so we doubled up on the jackets and headed out.
Lightning Ridge covered in snow
My ankle is still a little achy (especially when running fast) so I took the lead from the get go to keep the pace in check.  Both those guys are known to gun it just to make others uncomfortable and I didn't want to be their victim. Once we hit Timpanogos Basin I stopped to take a few pictures which I think they took as a sign of weakness.  They ran by as I took a few, I put my camera away, and the next thing I knew they were half way to the saddle.  I guess they don't tolerate lollygaggers very well.
The boys coming up
And running away
After a a few shouts they waited and let me catch up.  Once I did I started screwing around again and took more pictures.  I certainly made us slower but it was a beautiful day running under blue skies and through knee deep wind-drifted powder so I figured it was worth it.  Not quite the run we originally had in mind but we can't complain.  As always Timpanogos delivered.  Also, slipping all the way back to the car sure made us excited for ski season...
Tom closing in on the saddle
Just over the saddle, running in wind drifts
More wind drift
First time on Timp
Looking down towards Emerald Lake
Tom and Lars heading home

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  1. Up and down timp through snow with cold wet feet. That'll make you hard as nails.