Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Woolly Hole, Pika Cirque, Timpanogos!

Timapanogos was the first summit in Utah that I stood on.  I was 8 or 9 and my dad took Andy and I up one summer while we were on vacation.  All remember was a splitting headache and feeling like I just did something BIG. 

Fast forward 10 years and a couple friends and I headed up again.  This time we were in college and thought we were pretty fit.  There was a fair amount of summer snow and even though we didn't ski we figured we could claw our way up it in our running shoes.  Once again I found myself completely worked and feeling like I accomplished something (later that night I cried about my sunburned eyes and found myself unnecessarily looking like a pussy in an emergency room).

Even though traveling in the mountains is a little easier now then it was back then, Timp still feels pretty big and yesterday was no exception.  Teague Holmes, Andy and I headed up with the plan of exploring Woolly Hole and Pika Cirque.  We leisurely skinned the majority of the way and found a ton of wind hammered snow/facets and endless options.    

Entering Pika Cirque from Woolly Hole
We took the obvious chute out of Woolly Hole and then again the obvious chute to the summit ridge from Pika.  Once we popped over to the W Face we realized there would be no skiing from the summit today.  A quick hike on the trail had us on the N. Summit psyched to once again be on Timp.
Gain the summit ridge from Pika Cique
Gaining the ridge
Bare W Faces
Andy looking blown on the N Summit
Summit Mailbox
Andy high in Pika Cirque
Teague a touch lower in the cirque

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