Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Heart of Darkness/Diving Board Bail

Driving home from the desert a flurry of texts messages came in talking about skiing the next morning.  It's amazing that we can be in the red and green world of the desert one day and then then in the white snow covered mountains the next.  How could I say no?

After a leisurely 9 AM start we decided to go have a look at The Heart of Darkness and then poke around on Rampage and the Diving Board.  I hadn't been to H of D so it was good to see what all the fuss is about.  Seems more like a novelty ski but it's certainly a scenic place.  We had soft skiable snow so all my lame jump turns felts pretty controlled in the tightness.
Heading up Superior
Teague mid rap, Rampage in the background
Teague Holmes
After we popping out of H of D, Rampage and the Diving Board are sitting there begging to be skied.  Turns out both of those lines are pretty short so we hoped we'd be able to blast up and down both in a reasonable amount of time.  We started with the Diving Board and almost made it to the choke before we got scared.  There was a substantial hard slab guarding the choke.  We dug around a bit and weren't even able to isolate a column without the 2' slab releasing so we decided to bail on the day's objectives and head down for lunch.  Maybe it's for the better, clouds blew in and visibility went to nothing pretty quickly.  Next time.
Tom Goth bailing off the low angle ramp of the Diving Board
The boys climbing out of the Heart of Darkness
Somewhere on Superior

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