Monday, April 27, 2015

More Desert Photos - Lower Calf Creek, The Burr Trail

The day after bumbling around in Spooky Gulch we had to make our way to Carbondale Colorado.  We decided to take the Burr Trail ( a mostly paved, part dirt road) from Boulder to southern Capitol Reef.  It added a couple hours but everyone we'd talked to raved about the drive.  

Before officially leaving I squeaked in a short run to Lower Calf Creek Falls.  There's something special about water and the desert.  Hannah was PYSCHED!

The Burr Trail absolutely lived up to it's hype.  Every time we stepped out of the car we were blown away with the what we found.  Unfortunately we didn't stay long but my psych for the dessert has certainly grown.
Farms outside of Boulder
More water in the desert

Some random side canyon right off of the road as it traveled through Long Canyon
Amanda sending

Entering Capitol Reef
Capitol Reef

More desert farms

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