Tuesday, March 1, 2016

2/27/16 - North Timp

We were a crew of five this Saturday and everyone was game to look around Timp.  The initial plan was to ski the Grunge and the Crescent.  As we approached the Grunge we saw a tempting chute near the Exit Couloir at the base of the Grunge.  With no real agenda we headed that way.  About 1000' up there was a little cliff band that proved too difficult so we flipped it and headed back toward the Grunge.  
The crew in the unnamed chute
Andy heading down
The Grunge was aesthetic as always.  The entrance was about as mellow as we've seen and a touch of soft snow made the whole thing quite enjoyable.
Lars, Bart, Andy midway up the Grunge
Andy, not psyched that I made him stop to take a photo
Tom mid Exit Couloir
Lars skiing to Bart and Tom

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