Tuesday, May 3, 2016

3/19/16 - Noman Clyde, Mt Sill

We all had a day and a half free and decided to make a quick trip to the Sierra.  The original plan was to take a look at the NE face of Middle Palisade and if that didn't look good then explore a new area.  Once we got a look at the NE we all agreed that it did not look good.  Oh well, the rest of the day was spent skiing powder on Norman Clyde Peak and Mt Sill.  Not a bad consolation prize.  Andy wrote more about the day HERE.
Middle Palisade
Mt. Sill
Heading up Norman Clyde

Tom on the Norman Clyde Glacier
Booting up Mt Sill
North Couloir Mt Sill

Heavy packs had us all feeling a little like this

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