Saturday, May 8, 2010

Billy Hayes Invite/Training log

" Lars will always  be a pussy in my eyes!" 


I went down to Bloomington last night to watch Josh run his first steeple since Worlds last year.  He's been battling a stress reaction in his pelvis since summer but came into the meet feeling fit and confident after multiple great workouts. The wind, rain, miserable "athletes/competition" in the race,  and the 8 hour drive that ended at 2AM the night before the race all added up to 9 minutes and 25 seconds.  That's right, 9 minutes.  This was Josh's worst race since his very first steeple back when he was fat and rocking a red shirt.  Anyway, after the race we were chatting about nothing when the subject of Lars and his love of the wrastle [sic] came up.  The quote above is a brief summary of the entire conversation.  Lars vs. Chad vs. Josh 2012!!!!!!!  Can't wait!

Last two weeks haven't been too bad at school.

ran 40 miles
biked 150
climbed x's 3
Long run trail
ran 35
biked 120
climbed x's 4
Short run trail

Lars, keep running or you're going to be left in the middle of a cravass field, alone and scared. 

I liking das picture so I put it up yah?


  1. Good job finally posting! Me, Chad, McAdams, Sherpa, and Mowgli- last man standing tourney...sounds fun.