Saturday, March 5, 2011

3-5-2011 NW of the Pfeiff

4:00 start, fairly ambitious plans, pretty stable conditions, reasonable weather, Chad A, Andy; seemed like a great combo. North West of the Pfeifferhorn was up first. When we hit the ridge above Red Pine Lake it was still dark.

Andy boots the rocky section on the way to the Pfeiff

Bad picture, pretty morning
We were making good time, watched the sun rise on the summit, and were psyched to ski when...

Andy's 3rd broken binding in the last month
Happened 10 feet into the NW couliour. Andy still managed to make turns though.

Skiing was good/great.

Chad about to hit a few more turn before the rap
The rap was pretty filled in, Chad opted for the hip rappel.

Solid technique

The binding ended the day WAY too early. Oh well, still a great morning.

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