Thursday, March 17, 2011

3/12-14/2011 Powder Keg, CS, CA

Powder Keg on Sat.  Turns out competing is pretty fun.  I had to rally up the last climb to put a gap on the guy I raced with all day, didn't want to get passed on the down right before the finish. Ha, it worked!  No pics.

Flew to LA in Sun to take CS on Monday, pretty boring.

I got to run with Warren after the test. What a treat!  Southern California's no Utah, but a run on the beach was a nice contrast.  Too bad I didn't get the pictures of garbage castles and condoms on the beach from Warren.

One of the dirtiest beaches ever.

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  1. i sent you the pics to both of the email accounts i have for you - did you not get them. thanks for coming out. it was fun. you forgot to mention the sink shower in the five star bathroom...