Saturday, May 28, 2011

5-28-2011 Champagne Couloir, Mt Nebo

A 3:45 wake up turned into a 4:25 call from Sam wondering where I was.  I suck.  Luckily the guys waited for me.  The plan was to head up Nebo and ski the NW and the Champagne couloirs with Sam, Isaac, and Uncle Roman.  I couldn't have asked for a better morning.  The approach was beautiful, uneventful, and went pretty quick.

Sam and Uncle Roman, the valley was spotted with sun all morning, nice.

Uncle Roman gaining the final ridge


Sam on the summit ridge

Uncle Roman on the final headwall
 Once we summited, clouds rolled in.  Still pretty nice though. The short steep section entering into the Champagne was a little icy but other than than conditions were spectacular.  Soft in the upper 1/2 led to a firm, smooth, carvable lower section.  It's SO good to be back!  Not everyone was feeling super today so we decided to call it a day before heading back up the NW.  Next time I guess.  Sam and I also spotted a few other lines that need to be investigated...
Summit Cokes. Real ones, not diet, weird.


Uncle Roman


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