Thursday, September 15, 2011

2010-2011 My Favorite Pictures

After loving Adam's picture review, I figured I'd go through some old pictures and gather my favorites from the past year.  I was going to limit it to 10 but I just kept adding on ones I liked, now it's out of control, oh well.

Andy on Box Elder
Andy Split Couloir, Split Mountain
Sam in the "Front Porch Couloir," Mt. Timpanogos
Skiing in front of Keeler Needle, Mt Whitney, photo by Andy
Adam Okeefe in the Y Couloir
Jim Knight high on the snowfield, Mt. Timpanogos
Nate Brown on Skillet Glacier, Mt. Moran
CJ Whitaker in the NW Couloir, Pfiefferhorn
Jared and me off the summit of the Grand, photo by Andy
Brian Harder in the Chevy, The Grand Teton
Chad Ambrose and Andy on the Timp Traverse
Lars in the Great Chimney, Mt. Olympus, photo by Andy
Brian Harder in the SW Couloir, Middle Teton
Drake Kroger somewhere on The Nose, El Capitain
Skiing high on Mt. Timpanogos, photo by Adam Okeefe
Bart G. on Box Elder
Andy in Terminal Cancer, Ruby Mountains
John Swain at home in powder, Big Cottonwood
Andy in Lone Peak Cirque
Andy on The Mountaineer's Route, Mt. Whitney
After the Trans Zion with Warren D.
Fromke on Taste the Rainbow, Red River Gorge
Dr. Jimmy on The Gold Face, The Grand Teton
Andy and Jared at the start of the Hulk Hogum


  1. Those are all awesome. I vote Skillet pic as #1.

  2. Way to be constantly getting after it. Enjoying the blawg

  3. Amazing! My fav is Bart on Box Elder. Such a great collection.

  4. I tried to limit my photo collage to a smaller number as well. It was the best kind of fail to end up with a larger number of pics! (So many outings, so many pics..) Glad you 'failed' the same way. Awesome collection!

  5. You're such a stokester! Love it. Middle Teton is full-on proud. Keep on.

  6. My vote is big brother in the split coolie!

    Awesome photos Jason

  7. Thanks guys, just so you know, it snowed in the mountains last night. Soon.