Friday, September 23, 2011

9-22-2011 Timp, Lone, Nebo Failure

We've been talking about skiing Timp, Lone and Nebo in a day all winter.  It even had a name, The Car Traverse.  Since I had the day off I figured I better give the summer Car Traverse a go.  Logistics are pretty easy, eat and drink whatever sounds good as you drive to the next trailhead.  

I had partners, Andy and Matt, for the first leg up Timp but that was it.  The day started really well.  Weather was perfect, cool and sunny.  We leisurely jogged up Timp laughing most of the way and continually commenting on how nice the morning was.  

Andy and Matt heading up
After hitting the saddle we ran into an annoyed little goat.  He stared us down for a few minutes before we decided to sneak past.  A little scary.
Matt and our friend
The run down was great, casual, almost even peaceful.  After a little over 3 hours we were down and Andy and Matt had get back up to SLC. This left me with two more peaks and a lot of alone time to go.  I was feeling so good I didn't want to ruin it by talking to myself and suffering all day.  Actually, heading back to SLC and eating lunch with the guys just sounded like a lot more fun.  I guess I'm a ______.  We'll be back and make it a group effort.  
More Andy and Matt


  1. What..? 'Failure' implied that you tried all 3. I'm taking 2 points off your score on this one.

  2. Ha!. The Goats Who Stare At Men. Go ahead and walk right up to them next time as if they were tame. They'll move aside if you don't hesitate. I've been close enough to pet them and never had any charge me. I think they fancied my avocados or yams.

  3. Adam, you're only taking 2 points off? I'll take it, I thought you'd be harsher.

    Jim, the little goat seemed mean. As we walk towards it, it walked towards us. All I had were gummy bears, I think it wanted to taste Asian meat instead.

  4. That was 2 points removed from 3 possible! Full credit given for the effort expended, however.