Friday, October 7, 2011

10-7-2011 Main Baldy Chute

First ski day today.  It was great, loads of rocks, horrible skiing, great. 
Jared Inouye on day 1
Our skinner in Main Baldy

Andy had to work until 10 this morning so he missed out on the AM ski.  I thought he was going to cry so we went back up for round #2.  Equally bad skiing but it still felt great to get out.  A few pics.
Andy about to ski the "clicketty clack"
Andy, more "clicketty clack"
The drive out was beautiful, yellow leaves and snow.


  1. Good to meet you today in main chute!
    This is definitely where I saw the beta photos of the ice (or the next post). I look forward to seeing you around the wasatch!

  2. P, good to see you out. I've enjoyed the writing on, keep up the good work!