Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Holiday Ski Mo Racing and Brighton's New Uphill Traffic Policy

Everyone's smiling!
Pre-race briefing by Brighton Patroller Dodge
We've gathered 3 times since Thanksgiving to tour with/race against each other. These "races" have covered roughly 5000' vertical feet and typically last 2-3 hours. There's been a pretty good turnout with a wide variety of racers ranging from the serious in full body spandex suits and carbon fiber boots to the recreational on big split borads and sledding pants. Regardless of race ambitions, everyone's had a good time and become a little fitter.  Fitness is the goal after all, right?  These types of efforts are great preparation for many longer days in the near future. Since there's been a good turn out, we're going to try and keep the low key races going for the rest of the winter.  A twice monthly series is in the works.  Be in touch if you want a text or email with details.  Here's a short video Andy made from Matt Pittman's footage of the "Wasatch vert 120."

Everyone psyched for the "Skin the Turkey"
Also, big thanks to Brighton for being truly skier friendly and allowing us get in a little exercise at their resort. They have recently published their up hill skiing policy here. Thanks guys!

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