Friday, November 9, 2012

Everest Ridge, Mt. Timpanogos - An election day celebration

I may or may not have voted this past Tuesday but I did wave an American flag while standing on one of my favorite summits in America. Andy and I planned on a short run up Baldy and then the Everest Ridge on Timp.  We figured (erroneously) it wouldn't take too long so both threw an oatmeal cream pie and one gel in our bags.  

Three and a half hours later we were sitting on top of Timp, hungry, tired, and trying to figure out the easiest way down to our parked car in Pleasant Grove.  Instead of retracing our steps down the scree filled Everest Ridge, we decided to run into American Fork Canyon via the Timpanokee trail and test our luck hitchhiking back around.  When we made it to the Pine Hollow Trailhead there was one car in the lot; a new, supercharged Range Rover.  Luckily the owner was kind enough to give two foul smelling, nappy looking half Asians a ride out. God Bless America!
The top portion of Everest Ridge
Just north of the Everest Ridge, one of many skiable west facing bowels
Andy about to brave a scree field above a small cliff band, one of the many reasons we didn't head down that way
A salute to Obama
Retreat down solid ground


  1. Salute to Obama, Salute to:
    *Patriot Act
    *NDAA assassination and Indefinite detention of US Citizens w/o a trial
    *War Libya, Egypt, Syria, Afghanistan

    This is very unbecoming and I hope that you don't support these these things JD

  2. Beautiful pictures! I am in the process of planning a hike up the Everest Ridge this summer and your pictures are the only ones I have been able to find not in the snow. Do you have any other pictures of the assent that you would be willing to share? Any suggestions regarding the hike?


  3. If you give me your email I can send a few more pictures. We went up Battle creek to the Baldy shoulder and then headed up. There was a bit of bushwhacking but wasn't too bad once we hit the ridge proper. Up high it seemed like the ridge kind of cliffed out so we wrapped around to the south. It's a pretty fun outing, enjoy!

  4. screw obama. he's a damn loser!