Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Timpanogos Wildflowers

Last Tuesday Andy and I went on a running tour of upper Little and Big Cottonwood Canyons.  We hit Hidden Peak, Baldy, Catherine's Pass, Clayton Peak, Peak 10,420, Gaurdsman Pass, and then Twin Lakes Pass.  We fell a little short of our 30+ mile goal but had a pretty good day nonetheless.  Maybe sprinting on top of Baldy did us in...
Andy practicing his "ultra-shuffle" 
Since then, Andy has run 101 miles with 20,000+ vert (including last Tuesday) and I've worked roughly 75 hours.  I guess we've both had demanding weeks.  Even though we knew we'd be tired, we headed up to Timp to try and finish last Tuesday's 30+ mile goal.  About 5 minutes in clear 30 miles wasn't happening.  We slowly made it to the saddle where Andy called it quits.  I felt like I had to tag the summit so I reluctantly kept going but our long Timp plans will have to wait for another day.  At least the flowers were out in full force! I looked up what names I could (I'm probably wrong on some) but couldn't figure out what the last purple one's called.

Aspen Sunflower
Colorado Columbine
Western Bluebell
White Geranium
Jacob's Ladder 
Red Paintbrush
Parry's Primrose

Andy quitting at the saddle.  No sprinting today...
From the summit. Bailing on our plans.


  1. First one (the small, yellow sunflower) is more likely Helianthella quinquenervis. The arrowleaf balsamroot is much more common in the foothills in the spring and the leaves much bigger.
    The last one is Primula parryi, which is usually in wet, rocky areas.
    Nice shots!

  2. "Andy quitting at the saddle."

    haha, are you sure he quit, or was he just waiting for his bro to finish up toolin' around the flower patch?


  3. TImp is one of the most beautiful places on earth! Great pics