Saturday, December 7, 2013

Uphill Skiing Policy at Brighton

Announcement- If you like to go to Brighton Resort and randonee/ AT ski, please park over at the Church lot and not elsewhere in the parking areas of Brighton. In the past we had been asked to park by the dumpsters but this has changed.  They have made it very clear that we should not park on that side of the parking lot anymore.  Trying to fight this will only effect us in a negative way. It is a privilege to be able to ski uphill at Brighton and by so doing must adhere to all of their policies. 

There have been several uphill skiers who have not been courteous to the patrollers.  This must stop or we will no longer be able to use this resource.  Please be courteous and considerate at all times while at Brighton. They have been very gracious and wonderful to us all. Please spread the word about the new parking situation. More to come...

On a lighter note, the snow is falling!
Box Elder 2011

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  1. Thanks for the heads-up Jason, I've passed it along to the splitboard community.