Monday, January 13, 2014

Photo Dump

The recent storm did not suck.  Although the danger's a little high for most of our liking there are still plenty of places to find decent lower angle skiing.  A few pics from Today...
Tom Goth skiing towards blue skies
Who says you can't free ride in all carbon Pierre Gignoux boots?
Andy made it up for lap two today

Saturday wasn't too bad either.  We all wanted to hit a few powder laps up Millcreek but Teague's persistent and made a strong argument for White Pine.  He's not right often but Saturday he delivered. The crust made the skiing mediocre but a little scramble in ski boots is better than powder skiing anyway right?

Tom, Lars, and Andy retreating 
Tuesday was Citizens Series Race #4.  Tom Goth was feeling a little under the weather so after setting the course he stuck around and snapped a few picture.  Here are my favorites.  The next race is Jan 21st at 2:00.  This will be at Solitude NOT Brighton and will be featured as part of the Outdoor Retailer Demo Days.  This is a great way opportunity for the "industry people" to get a glimpse at what Randonee racing is all about.  If you're around and have the afternoon off COME!
Jared Inoyoue false starting
The booter on lap #1
Skin to boot transition
There was also a weekend full of racing in Grand Targhee and Jackson.  Someone had the horrible idea of packing 3 races in 2 days.  Apart from the -8 with 40 mph on ridge tops the racing was top notch.  Jon Gaston once again showed his dominance winning all three races.  Tom Goth and I ending up with a couple 2nd's and 3rd's.  Even though it wasn't quite the result I wanted I feel like I raced well.  Next time...
Start of Jackson, photo by Dom Maack
Tom, John, Me
Look how ripped skiing makes you!
Christmas skiing with the Wife and pup
Pre-strom facets.  Don't forget what's under all this beautiful new snow!


  1. -8 with a 40 mph breeze is nothing a hand warmer pack won't fix, huh?

    1. No hand warmers needed, just a short sleeve T shirt and full body lycra.