Thursday, March 31, 2011

3-29-2011 Apollo -Snowbird-Apollo (burger)

Not as much skiing lately.  Too much study time.  Since I had my big test on the 30th I figured today would be a good day to skip the studies.  Andy and I were a little spooked with recent avalanche events so we  decided to stay a little lower, Olympus! The day started with a hip-hop dance party at the trailhead, funny.  The following bushwhack wasn't as funny but the Apollo did not disappoint.

Andy at the branch point
A little higher, great light all day
We thought about skiing what we started calling the "Zeus Face" but decided it wasn't a smart choice.   Next time.

The top of the Apollo had about a foot of hard wind slab.  A few ski cuts took care of it.

Productive ski cuts
The snow from top to bottom was pretty ridiculous. Deep, soft, stable (according to our pits).  
Crappy pic but it's Andy practicing "airing" in skinny ski and tights. 
Downtown Nate Brown was in from Jackson for a few hours and wanted to get a little exercise.  He didn't have an avy beeper with him so we hit a quick skin up snowbird.
They aren't even posing.  This is just what these goons usually look like.
It was a little out of the way for me but after talking about it all day we had to come full circle and eat a fat Apollo.

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