Thursday, March 31, 2011

3-31-2011 N summit of Timp

Been looking at this line for a while(years) and I'm not sure why we haven't skied it.  A predawn start with Andy and Sam had us all pretty psyched! We packed up and walked out my parents front door.
Parents house
Walked on dirt for an hour or so and then put a pretty little skinner up our chute.

We were greeted with some gnarly cornices when we hit the ridge. Sam wanted to play on them but we convinced him not to.

Stay away.

Toward the top (photo by artistic Andy)
Fun wind/sun effected snow the whole way down.

Sam towards the top

Another by artistic Andy

Back to the dirt and 65 degree weather, quite the contrast from the windy cold we found up high.  Gotta love tights and t-shirt weather!
Happy Chinos
The line goes down the middle of the peak seen below, nice. Click on the pic and then zoom to get a better view of it.  Do it.
View from 635 Dalton

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