Saturday, April 2, 2011

4-1-2011 Timp Traverse

Another predawn start, this time from Provo canyon.  Andy, Chad, Jared and I were planning on going up Timp via a south facing chute but weren't exactly clear on the entry so we decided to head up one of the West facing shots down on the south end.  
The boys in the dark
A lot of icy skinning and crappy (post hole) booting brought us to the ridge.  Turned out to be a bit more work then we would have liked but luckily Jared and I had harscheisen (ski crampons).

Morning light on the ridge, Andy at the saddle
 The rest of the day was pretty straight forward.  We skinned/booted/skied to the north until we ran out of ridge.

Jared on a "mandatory" dry tool
Since Jared and I had harscheisen, we ended up being able to move a lot more efficiently the other poor suckers.
Booting, ha.

More booting, more big cornices
Summit hut, RIME!
After the true summit there was a little cliff band to get through, pretty fun.


More samurai

We all knew the cornices and avy carnage were out of control but we were still pretty impressed with the size of everything up there.  We repeatedly were surprised with how far back the cornices were cracking.  If you couldn't see rocks, you WERE on a cornice, scary.

One of many large NE/E/SE facing crowns and a LOT of sneaky cornice in the foreground
Eventually hit all the summits, ran out of mountain, and had to ski Cold Fusion/drop into American Fork canyon. Luckily we found a drainage that didn't cliff out and were able to ski all the way to Sawmill picnic area.
Andy and Chad entering Cold Fusion

A few scrapes, 2 pairs of tights, 1 cutoff t-shirt, 3 hungry boys

Roughly 10 hours, 15 miles, and 10,000 feet later we (just me, the others dont have gutter palates) were eating cold pasta and drinking warm coke, yum.

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