Friday, April 15, 2011

4-15-2011 Freeride on Timp

Andy's calling this the Bart Couloir
We were going to ski on Cascade today but Andy looked at the south end of Timp on the drive down and became fixated on one of the west facing lines.  This may be the first time I'm glad he was looking at the mountains while driving.  We bush whacked for a bit, changed plans to a more shaded chute after rocks came whizzing by every few minutes and eventually found some high quality corn to ski.  On the way down, Andy saw a little wind lip and suggested we take a few pictures in honor of Bart G.  We miss our freeriding friend.  A little skiing followed by a pizza buffet = perfect.
Thick! Photo by Andy


Photo by Andy

Andy on corn down to the County


  1. If it weren't for the helmets in those jumping pictures....

  2. That is some serious "bush whacking"......